Quick summary

This support article will provide guidance to participants and administrators on how they can keep up to date with any platform outages.

Key Notes

  • Any partial or major outages will be reported on the status page
  • PlayFootball admin outages that have been reported will be listed 
  • PlayFootball registration  outages that have been reported will be listed
  • Any partial or major outages you are experiencing and haven't been listed should be raised with a support team member - support@playfootball.com.au  
  • Users and participants should subscribe for updates


Steps to Completion

Step 1: Head to https://status.playfootball.com.au/ 

Step 2: Click 'Subscribe to updates'

Step 3: Enter your primary contact email

Once you have subscribed to the status page, any outages that are recorded will automatically be emailed to your nominated email.