1.1 Fix to resolve the duplicating list of participants between the pagination under Teams > Team Management > Members > Filter > Available Players.

1.2  Fix to resolve the sibling discount to be able to set/reset the discount to either Please Select or an amount of zero under Discounts > Sibling Discount.

1.3 Fix to resolve the fee variance field in the Registration Type to be able to adjust the fee to a cent value under Registration > Registration Type > Edit > Fee Variance professional/student/current member

1.4  Update to the Country of Birth and Nationality lookups in the registration flow under the Participant Details page. This is part of conforming to FIFA Connect.

Updates to the administration reporting

 1.1.1 Change to the Registration Management Detail Report under Registration > Registration Management > Filter > Download Detail Report or Reports > Registration Detail Report > Filter > Download Detail Report. File name is RegManagementDetail, content changes include;
- Removal of financial data
- Clean up of defunct information
- Inclusion of professional/amateur registration category
- Provision of the full hierarchy organisation names and Reg Types
- Links to Registration Invoice Report via unique participant identifier

1.1.2  Addition of the Registration Detail Report under Reports > Enterprise Reports > Transaction Reports > Registration Detail Report > Create. File name is RegDetail, content additions include;
- The Registration Management Report content
- Inclusion of financial invoice splits by hierarchical level net of discounting
- Inclusion of Add on fee
- Inclusion of Zero fee indicator
- Links to Registration Invoice Report via unique participant identifier

1.1.3  Addition of the Registration Invoice Report under Reports > Invoice Report > Filter > Download Detail Report. File name is RegInvoiceDetail, content additions include;
- Inclusion of all invoices for the period
- Inclusion of payment status
- Inclusion of where payment has been disbursed (in the hierarchy)
- Inclusion of Active Kids Voucher (AKV) number
- Links to Registration Detail Report via unique participant identifier


  1. Update to the Participant Portal

    1.2.1 Change to the primary menu options, secondary menu options and insertion of downwards chevron

    1.2.2 Change to the dropdown name from user name to First Name and Last Name, list the user in the dropdown and remove all the other information in the dropdown other than the link/unlink user link

    1.2.3 Change to the call actions on the home page for de-registering, making payment and new registration.