If you're an administrator wishing to review payment disbursements that have been paid by your participants, then please follow these steps. 

First, log in to your club's Play Football Admin account using the link below. 


Once logging in, click on "REPORTS" and then "Enterprise Reports".

Click on "Transaction Reports" and then "Financial Reports".

Choose your date requirements and then click "Create Report".

The report has been generated and is ready to be downloaded when a green tick is depicted. Click on the file name to open the zip file and then click on the Excel 

In columns Q-Z you can then view what each player has paid and the breakdown of each of the governing body fees i.e. the disbursements. 

Total PaymentTransaction Fee - Registrant PaidTransaction Fee - Org AbsorbedFFA FeeMF FeeOther Aff FeeAssoc FeeClub FeeAdditional Items FeeGST