Quick Summary

The All Details Report can be used by administrators to help manage registrations, and reconcile online payments, this report includes the participant's basic details, invoice details, WWCC details, payment methods and purchase dates. Please use the following steps to access this report.

Key Notes

  • This report can take longer to download than other reports due to the large amount of data included
  • Enterprise reports are generated from a report server which is updated once per day at Midnight Melbourne time

Steps to Completion 

To download this report you will need to have access to your club Play Football admin page

Step 1: Sign in to your Play Football Admin account

Step 2: Select Reports

Step 3: Select 'Enterprise Reports' which can be found under the 'Organisation' section

Step 4: Select 'Transaction Reports' and then 'All Details Report'

Step 5: Input the relevant dates/registration period you would like the report to capture


Firstly 'Sign in' to your clubs Play Football Admin account

Once you have signed in, select 'Reports'

This will direct you to the Reports section where you will find the 'Organisation' section, select Enterprise Reports

You will then select 'Transaction Reports' followed by 'All Details Report'

Input the specific dates for your report and select 'Create Report'

This will download a report in Excel format