The Registration Transaction report can be used by administrators to help reconcile online payments, this report includes the participant's basic details, invoice details, payment methods and purchase dates.

This report does not include the product that a participant has purchased, the All Details Report includes all details that are related to a participant's purchase for the current season.

Payment status's

  • Paid - Payment has been made online or offline- credit card
  • Not Paid - No payment has been recorded
  • Cancelled - Participant or Administrator has cancelled the invoice

Payment method

  • Online -Credit card - Payment placed online using a credit/debit card during the registration process
  • Offline - Credit card - Cash, Cheque or Direct deposit payment was made to the club directly (this cannot be tracked by a PlayFootball support member)

Report content:

player_id, player_name, entity_name, entity_id, invoice_id, invoice_total, tax_total, payment_status_id, 
payment_status_desc, purchase_date, payment_method_desc, payment_date, payment_reference, player_firstname, player_middlename, player_lastname, address1, address2, suburb, postcode, state, country, player_dob, home_phone, work_phone, mobile_phone, player_email, school_name, gender, emergency_contact_name, emergency_contact_number, sel_team_name, source_template_id, item_description, price, qty, itemtotal, purchased_item_id, item_id, reg_type_name, pg_id, pg_first_name, pg_last_name, pg_dob, pg_email, pg_mobile, pg_address1, pg_address2, pg_suburb, pg_postcode, pg_state, pg_country