Quick Summary

This support video will demonstrate how club administrators can make participants active when they are sitting in an 'Approval Required' status (light grey). Only registrations with a 'paid' invoice can be made active, registrations that have not been marked as paid will appear on play football with an 'Awaiting Payment' status (light grey). Zero dollar registrations will automatically be marked as 'Approval Required'.

Key Notes

  • Registrations placed with online payments (Visa/MasterCard payment) will appear with an 'Approval Required' status.
  • Online payments that DO NOT take place on the play football system will not automatically change the invoice status to 'paid'. The invoice will need to be marked as 'paid' before attempting to make the participant active.
  • Registrations 'declined' or 'cancelled' cannot be recovered, the participant will need to re-register.
  • A bulk option is available for all 'Approval Required' registration


Steps to Complete

Step 1:Select Registration

Step 2: Search for participants using name/ID/ FFA number or click 'display registration' to view all

Step 3: Select all or individual records

Step 4: Select bulk action 'approve registration'