Quick Summary

This support video will demonstrate how club administrators can search for a participant's FFA number. An FFA number is a unique identifier that is automatically generated and allocated to a participant upon their first-ever registration. Participants should only have one FFA number whether they are a coach, player, refer or manager etc. FFA numbers are presented to participants at the end of their registration and are also listed on their invoices.

Key Notes

  • Participants should only have one FFA number throughout their involvement within football
  • FFA numbers are generated and allocated upon the participants first-ever registration
  • An FFA number contains 8 digits and is coupled up with a 7 digit ID number, both unique identifiers are allocated to only one participant
  • FFA numbers are listed on each individual invoice, through the registration management area and within the people tab
  • Searches can be made in the 'people' area using names or filters 


Steps to Complete

Step 1: Select People

Step 2: Search for participants their first name or last name or both

Step 3: Select 'search'

Step 4: Results will return and records will display show FFA numbers