Quick Summary

This support video will demonstrate how club administrators can request a  de-registration for a participant at their club. De-registrations can be requested by a participant or a club, this video will show you how a club can submit the request. Only 'active' current registrations can have a de-registration request made, the de-registration request does not happen instantly and will need to be completed before a participant can re-register.

Key Notes

  • De-registration requests cannot be reversed, if placed in error participants may need to re-register again
  • De-registration is a 3-step process: club initiates > player acknowledges > association/member federations approves = registration de-registered
  • Comments against the registration are optional
  • Participants will be notified via email that a request has been submitted by the club
  • All requests made by a club will be marked in the 'de-reg request' area as 'Admin'


Steps to Complete

Step 1: Select Registration

Step 2: Search for participants using the filter options or select 'display registrations'

Step 3: Participants will display 

Step 4: Select participant(s) and tick the box against the registration

Step 5: Select the bulk action 'de-register'

[!] de-registrations cannot be reversed

Step 6: Select a reason and add a comment