Quick Summary

This support video will demonstrate how club administrators can add other club administrators to admin the play football system. Depending on your member federation/association you may need to complete a request form to be granted access. If you are presented with an error message when attempting to access the 'user list' area this means you were not granted the correct user role, please contact your member federation/ association to have this amended.

Key Notes

  • New club administrations should request access from their associations/member federations
  • Only users with the 'user manager' user role can add/remove users
  • All users should have their own login details
  • Administrators who manage multiple clubs require multiple login details


Steps to complete

Step 1: Select Organisation

Step 2: Select 'user list'

Step 3: Select 'add new user'

Step 4: Enter the details of the new users, login details are unique and cannot be used more than once

Here is an example of an ideal login when selecting 'use an email address as an ID'