Quick Summary

This support video will demonstrate how club administrators can  request access to start accepting online payments. Online payments can only be accepted when your request has been approved by the Football Australia support team. The bank account details listed on the PlayFootball are used for verification purposes only  Clubs will receive a confirmation email and a list of instruction on how to use the IPSI (payment gateway) portal and what is required to start accepting online payments for club registrations.

Key Notes

  • Depending on what Member Federation your club is a member of will determine your payment disbursement model for online payments - model 1 & model 2
  • Online payments will be sent into the clubs nominated account as a 'bulk' amount daily
  • All registration payments settle the following business day
  • Clubs should use the IPSI reports to reconcile payments
  • Club Admins that require IPSI access will need to complete an online request form
  • Clubs NOT setup with online payment but have enabled 'FFA payment gateway' in the sign up form will receive an error message- 703 Account number supplied for disbursement does not exist or account is inactive

Disbursement model 1:

  • Football NSW, Northern NSW, Football Tasmania, Football South Australia, Football West and Football Northern Territory - Full fee is sent directly to the clubs nominated bank account: [FA+ MF+ Association + Club] = total registration fee

Disbursement model 2:

  • Football Queensland, Capital Football and Football Victoria - online payments spilt at the point of sale: [FA + MF ] & [Association + Club] = total registration fee

Error message for clubs NOT approved to accepted online payments but have enabled 'FFA gateway' on their sign up form


Steps to complete

Step 1: Select Registrations

Step 2: Select Bank Account details

Step 3: Enter BSB & Account number

Step 4: Select Update

Step 5: Complete Online Request Form

(once a confirmation email has been received continue to step 6)

Step 6: Select Registration

Step 7: Select Signup form management

Step 8: Select Signup form

Step 9: Select 'FFA Payments' under the payments setting