Quick Summary

This support video will demonstrate how club administrators can approve a de-registration request that has been summited by a participant. De-registrations submitted by participants will sit under the 'de-reg request' tab for a 7-day period, after this time the request will automatically be passed on to the parent organisation (Association or Member Federation). De-registration requests need '2nd level' approval by an Association or Member Federation to release the participant from their current registration. Participants CANNOT re-register at a new club while they still have an ACTIVE registration.

Key Notes

  • Participant de-registration request require approval via the 'de-reg request' tab
  • Clubs only have 7-days to acknowledge the request
  • After 7-days the request is passed onto the parent organisation
  • Next action will indicate the parent organisation that needs to acknowledge the '2nd level' approval
  • Only Club administrators should acknowledge de-registration requests
  • De-registrations being requested by a Club should be completed under the 'Registration Management' tab
  • Associations and Member Federations need to acknowledge each de-registration request to release a participant from their current registration