Quick summary

This article outlines the new terms and conditions presented to participants during the registration process. The terms and conditions c.onsist of 25 clauses that belong to the following sub-headings.

 Quick notes

  • Information you provide
  • Football Australia Rules and Regulations
  • Betting and Match Fixing
  • payment of fees
  • Use of your image
  • Risks of participating (new)
  • Indemnity, insurance and limitation of liability
  • Privacy and your personal information
  • grievances in football
  • Period of registration
  • De-registration and transfers
  • Use of PlayFootball system
  • Interpretation

Risks of participating 
10. You acknowledge and agree that there are inherent risks associated with participating in football that may result in personal injury and possible exposure to and illness from communicable diseases (including without limitation COVID-19) and you accept and agree to fully bear those risks. 

All terms and conditions are presented to registrations during the self-registration process. 

To request a full copy please contact support@playfootball.com.au