Quick summary

Participants may be paying an old invoice, as a result, this may be recognised as a "rehydration issue". The payment may have been made in the current season, however, the 'purchase date' may have been from a prior season. Transaction details will help determine when registration was purchased and when it was paid for.

 Quick notes

  • Transaction details provide product details with the amount and the transaction fee
  • The disbursements listed here are not a true representation of the governing body fee capitations. Disbursements outline the IPSI account keeping fee  under 'Football Australia'

Invoice/Transaction Details

Clubs can view all online transactions using the payment gateway report (reports> payment gateway report) or search for individual transactions using the 'invoice' tab (registration > invoice> search).

Searching for an individual transaction:

Select 'registration'> select 'invoice' > select 'eye ball'

By selecting the 'eyeball' you will be viewing the individual's transaction with the  'transaction detail' broken down.

This is where you will see the 'Payment date', if the participant has paid online this will mark the date and time the payment was processed. You will see the total amount and the transaction fee listed. Further down the page, you will see the 'Invoice/Purchase date', this example shows that the purchase date (registration processed with NO online payment) is 18/2/2021 and that the payment date (online payment made via the portal) is 13/5/2022.

This highlights a user error where the participant has paid an old invoice and as a result, this may disturb the disbursement model. As a result, the Member Federation will need to invoice the club for their governing body capitation.