Quick Summary 

This support article will provide a summary of how the Association can take payments and what the current transaction fee is for payments made directly through GameDay. 

GameDay is the current provider for ALL course registrations, Associations have the option to take online payments via this platform or to provide an alternative payment solution to their participants.


  • All GameDaye course registration payments will incur a 3.9% fee 
  • The transaction fee will be DEDUCTED from the total amount of the course
  • The transaction fee is set by GameDay and not Football Australia


Gamedays processing fee calculations are a % of the transaction, this will implicate the Association's total amount. Associations will either need to adjust the total amount to ensure they receive the final amount originally budgeted for or to turn OFF online payments. By turning off the online payments your students will need to settle their balance OFFLINE.

To change the payment options for your course please use the following steps

1. Sign in to GameDay Admin Sign in Here

2. Select the event 

3. Select 'Edit Online registration setup'

4. Select 'Yes' on the Allow Pay Later line

Selecting this option will allow the student to register and settle the payment at a later date.