A list of FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) regarding ITC (International Transfer Certificate) has been provided to enhance participant knowledge regarding the ITC process:   

  • What is an ITC?
    ITC (International Transfer Certificate), is an important piece of player documentation that is required by participants who are registering in Australia for the first time, and have previously been registered overseas in another country.

  • When is an ITC required?
    An ITC is required when the participant is over 10 years of age and has previously been registered and played overseas. It is a crucial part of the registration process that is required by players, either returning to Australia to play football, or registering in Australia for the first time.

  • What are the categories of ITC by age? 
    If a perspective player is aged between 10 and 18, they will require a minor ITC application during their registration to play football within Australia. Players aged 18+ will be required to submit an amateur or professional ITC application, depending on their status within Australia.

  • Do I need an ITC?
    You will need an ITC clearance if you most recent registration occurred overseas. If you last registration was in Australia, and ITC clearance is unnecessary, and you can continue through the registration process on PlayFootball.  

  • What will happen if I select 'No' despite my last registration being overseas?
    If you fail to acknowledge your previous registration overseas, there can be ramifications for both your club as well as Football Australia from FIFA. With this in mind, please notify Football Australia of your previously held registration to avoid penalties that both your club and Football Australia are subject to.

  • What documentation is required initially for an ITC?
    The required documentation varies depending on if you require an adult application or minor application. For your ITC, if you are completing an adult application, you will be required to provide a copy of your passport to your member/state federation, to begin the ITC clearance process. If you are completing an minor application however, there is more documentation required outlined in the Football Australia ITC Guide that needs to be passed on to your member/state federation. You can find a list of the differing member federation contact details here. 

  • How do I create a PlayFootball account to register for my ITC?
    To create your PlayFootball account, in order to register for your perspective club and apply for your ITC, please go to the following link to create a PlayFootball account: https://account.footballnetwork.com.au/register Please note: You must create a PlayFootball account through the PlayFootball website, and not through Facebook or Google. If you are a parent of a player, please create your PlayFootball account in your name and NOT your child's name. You will then be able to register your child as a linked participant. Once you have chosen the club you or your child are wanting to play for, you will be prompted to follow a step by step process, including your personal details, parent guardian details if you are registering a minor, and other necessary information in the sign up process including a profile picture. 

    Once completed the preliminary steps, you will be prompted with a question asking if your last registration was overseas, as seen through the screenshot below. You will need to state your last registration overseas, to then begin the ITC process. From there, your perspective club will be notified of your ITC. To expedite the process, please send through a copy of your passport to your member federation. A list of the differing member federations contact details can be found here. 
  • What is a member federation and their role in my ITC?
    A member federation is the state body that governs football depending on where your club resides within Australia. Member federations and Football Australia cohesively work together in order to facilitate the completion of a player's ITC, through providing Football Australia necessary documentation that is required to ensure you are able to be cleared and play football within Australia.

  • Are there ITC exceptions?
    No, all players who have previously registered overseas will still require an ITC clearance in order to play football within Australia. The following link has a comprehensive list of ITC types, to cater to your specific situation:
    - Football Australia ITC Guide
    - FIFA ITC Guide
  • What is the cost associated with an ITC?
    There are no costs associated with an ITC clearance for the player. Once the player submits their registration through PlayFootball, the players status will be pending a response from the corresponding national federation, where the player held their most previous football registration. Once the ITC has been cleared, the player will then be able to pay outstanding registration fees to their club.  

  • What is a provisional ITC?
    A provisional ITC is provided to a player after the initial 7 day period once an ITC has been requested on the international transfer system (TMS), if the corresponding national federation fails to respond to Football Australia. A provisional ITC will allow the player to register and participate in football in Australia. 

  • How long does an ITC take to clear? 
    The length of time it will take for a player to obtain their ITC varies depending on which application process applies. An outcome will be advised to the player’s Member Federation either:
    (a) when the ITC is received from the former national association
    (b) 7 days from the date the ITC was requested from the former national association by FA if no response is received from that former national association.

    Where no response has been received from the former national association within 7 days of FA’s initial request, that player can register on a provisional basis. However, this period commences only at the point at which FA requests the ITC.

  • Where can I find out more information regarding an ITC? 
    Football Australia has provided a comprehensive guide for ITC information to assist both players and club staff regarding the process of ITC. The following link is a useful tool that can assist you with all necessary information regarding your ITC: Football Australia ITC Guide

  • What are the different coloured forms used for? 
    Minor ITC applications differ in a variety of categories. Below is a list of the differing ITC's depending on the status of the minor application. Further information can be found within the Football Australia ITC Guide:
    **Please note that the orange form is only required for those players who are NOT Australian citizens**

  • I am concerned about my personal information. Does Football Australia have a privacy policy?
    A current version of FA’s National Privacy Policy can be found at https://www.footballaustralia.com.au/privacy..

    **Please note: for minor applications, if there are pieces of information that you do not wish Football Australia to have access to, you may blank out parts as long as the required information evident at the bottom of the Football Australia ITC Guide is included e.g. you may blank remuneration in employment contracts required for Blue (1) Forms**
  • Why is so much documentation required in a minor ITC application? 
    The required documentation to support a minor ITC application is set by FIFA. Football Australia's role is to ensure that all regulations and standards set by FIFA are met by the participant in order to play football within Australia. Where a Minor application is required to be submitted to the FIFA Players’ Status Committee in Switzerland, incomplete applications will be rejected. FIFA have the ability to audit applications made to Football Australia for Minor ITCs, requiring an assessment of all of the supporting documentation that has been submitted. It is pertinent that all supporting documentation is sent to Football Australia to ensure that FIFA’s requirements in relation to minor ITC Applications are adhered to.

  • My last registration was with a college in the United States of America. Do I need an ITC?
    Some US college teams are affiliated to US Soccer, and some are not. If you are a non-Australian player seeking to register in Australia and in PlayFootball you indicate that your last club was a US College, Football Australia will always request the ITC. This is due to the fact that, prior to playing for the college (affiliated or not), your junior registrations will likely have been with an affiliated US Soccer Club. If you are an Australian player seeking to register in Australia and in Play Football you indicate that your last club was a US college, Football Australia will conduct a checking process to confirm whether or not an ITC is required. In any event, you will need to provide your US college registration as your immediately previous overseas Club in the PlayFootball questionnaire.

  • My last registration overseas was over 2 years ago. Do I still need to select yes for an ITC clearance?
    Yes. Regardless of when your last registration overseas was, it is crucial that Football Australia is aware of a participants most recent registration, in order to adhere to FIFA guidelines and regulations of participants. To ensure that a players registration is able to be completed quickly and without hassle, allowing the player to participate in playing football in Australia, players must be transparent with Football Australia.

  • I accidently requested an ITC when I have never been registered to a club overseas. How do I cancel the request?

    The only way to cancel your request is to email your member federation about the situation who will then notify the ITC Department to confirm that the ITC request was accidental. You can find a list of the differing member federation contact details here

  • I cannot remember the last club I was registered to in my previous country. What do I put for previous club in my ITC request?

    Still put your ITC request through but leave the previous club field blank. From here the ITC Department can email the corresponding national association to determine if they hold a record of previous registration for you and obtain the required club from there. You will still need to email a passport through to your corresponding state/member federation as some national associations request a passport even when conducting a quick registration check via email. You can find a list of the differing member federation contact details here.

  • How can I receive an update of my ITC? 
    Football Australia's ITC team can assist with your ITC inquiry via email: itc@footballaustralia.com.au

    For further questions or queries regarding an ITC, Football Australia's ITC department can be contacted via email at itc@footballaustralia.com.au

    **Please note Football Australia's ITC team does not have a dedicated hotline, and can only be reached via email**