An International Transfer Certificate (ITC) is required for every player aged 10 years or older who is playing football in Australia for the first time, is not an Australian citizen, or whose last registration was overseas. This is a FIFA requirement to ensure players are not under contract or suspended, and is applicable even if the player is an Australian citizen or if they have been registered in Australia previously. 

If a minor player, aged between 10 and 18, is applying for an ITC, there are a range of coloured forms to cater for the specific situation of the player. 

The below table highlights the differing coloured ITC forms for players to choose from to include in their ITC application: 

Orange form explained:

An Orange form will be required with an ITC application if the play is not an Australian citizen and has lived continuously for the last five years in Australia prior to the request. 

The following documentation is required to be submitted: 

  • Documentation of academic education 
  • Employment contract and work permit of player where player is a professional 
  • Proof of birth of the player 
  • Proof of identity and nationality of the player 
  • Proof of residence of the player

For further questions or queries regarding an ITC, Football Australia's ITC department can be contacted via email at

**Please note Football Australia's ITC team does not have a dedicated hotline, and can only be reached via email**