An International Transfer Certificate (ITC) is required for every player aged 10 years or older who is playing football in Australia for the first time, is not an Australian citizen, or whose last registration was overseas. This is a FIFA requirement to ensure players are not under contract or suspended, and is applicable even if the player is an Australian citizen or if they have been registered in Australia previously.

A member federation is the state body that governs football depending on where your club resides within Australia. Member federations and Football Australia cohesively work together in order to facilitate the completion of a player's ITC, through providing Football Australia necessary documentation that is required to ensure you are able to be cleared and play football within Australia. 

The role of the member federation is to facilitate as well as cooperate with Football Australia, in order for an ITC application to go through, therefore allowing you to play football within Australia. 

Once you have indicated that you require an ITC during your registration, as a senior player you will need to provide a copy of your passport to your member federation. As a minor application, you require a differing range of documentation, depending on the status of the player. 

Further information can be found within the ITC guide available from Football Australia: Football Australia ITC Guide.

You can find the necessary contact details below of your member federation: 

Football NSW

P: 02 8814 4450

Football Victoria

P:  03 9474 1800

Football Queensland
P: 07 3208 2677

Capital Football

P: 02 6260 4999

Northern NSW Football
P: 02 4941 7200

Football Northern Territory
P: 08 8928 1006

Football West

P: 08 6181 0700

Football Tasmania
P: 03 6273 3299

Football South Australia
P: 08 8340 3088

For further questions or queries regarding an ITC, Football Australia's ITC department can be contacted via email at

**Please note Football Australia's ITC team does not have a dedicated hotline, and can only be reached via email**