Quick Summary 

This guide will assist clubs in printing participant ID cards for the upcoming season

Key Notes

  • You must be a club admin and have a PlayFootball admin log in
  • Please contact your relevant member federation if you do not have access to this

Step 1

Once logged into PlayFootball Admin, click on the registration tab across the top of the PlayFootball page. 

Select the registration group you wish to generate ID cards for.

Step 2

After selecting 'Display Registrations' all relevant registrations will appear based on the filters selected.

Select the participants you wish to print ID cards for by ticking the box in the left-hand side >> Using the drop down select ID Card and hit Go

Step 3

Enter in ID Card header **This will display at the top of each card** e.g Senior men's, U15’s >> Select Print Cards

Step 4

Once downloaded they will appear in a PDF file for you to open

If you have issues, you can either either submit a support ticket by clicking here or using our contact details below.

  • Email: support@playfootball.com.au
  • Telephone: 02 8880 7983
  • Hours: Monday-Friday 10am - 5:30pm
You will need to provide the participant's full name, DOB and the email address the Play Football account was made with.