Quick Summary

This article provides an overview of how club admins can get ready for the upcoming season. The Product setup is required to be completed in two steps; the first is to 'Migrate' and the second is to 'update' the product

Key Notes

  • Migration of products will migrate the bulk of details
  • Products still need to be edited; fees and dates 

Step 1.

Click on "REGISTRATION" and then "Migration".

Choose  'From Reg Period' and then  'To Reg Period', then you can select the products that you wish to migrate over to the new season by either double-clicking on the particular one or clicking once and then clicking on "->" icon. 

**Important: if the products you wish to migrate over are red then they are either already migrated or the reg types that they call upon have not been set up properly or have been made inactive by your parent (see below).

Once you are satisfied with the products that you have selected, then click "Migrate".

Your products have now migrated over for the current season. 

Step 2.

Click on "REGISTRATION" and then "Product Management".

Select the product you wish to edit

Toggle with the registration type,select an alternative reg type from the list and re-select the original registration type

 This will refresh the page and add the new registration open and close dates at the base of the page

Remember to 'save' your products.