A Sibling Discount can be applied to a registration as long as the following is accurate:

  • The clubs admin set up is complete
  • Participants PlayFootball account is set up correctly 

Club Admin Steps to set up Sibling Discount Rule:

*Please click on the link to be directed to the support article on discount rule set up


Key Admin Notes:

  • Discount rule must be active
  • Discount rule must be enabled to each product you are allowing the rule for
  • '1st Sibling' relates to the 2nd child not the 1st child and so on
  • 'Maximum discount against club fee' relates to the maximum discount that can be applied to a participant irrespective of the amount of discounts that participant is eligible for 

A participants account (parent and child) must be completed in full and set up accurately

  • Parent must hold the "Primary Account" + listed as a parent
  • Children must be linked to the primary account (the parent)
  • All information fields must be completed in the account including Name, DOB, Gender etc (no missing information)
  • The same applies to the participants as above
  • Parents must be listed as 'parent' and children as 'child' under 'Family Relationships'

Where the discount wont be applied

  • Children linked under different primary accounts i.e. mum and dad, OR the other sibling
  • Family Relationship for participant listed incorrectly i.e. the child listed as a parent
  • The Discount Rule not applied to the product correctly
  • The maximum discount value set lower then the discount amount available to the participant