Learn how to invite an administrator to your organisation or another organisation

Creation Date: August 15, 2023

Please ensure you are on the Administrator Login Page "Administrator access"

1. Click on "Sign in"

Click on "Sign in"

ℹ️ Football Australia does not provide Administration access. Access requests should be sent to your Member Federations and Associations.

2. Click on "Organisation"

Click on "Organisation"

3. Select "Manage Organisations"

            Manage Organisation will only appear for users at a Member Federation & Association level

Select "Manage Organisations"

4. Select the Parent Organisation

    Member Federations can select their associations and clubs. Associations, however, can only select their respective clubs

Select the Parent Organisation

5. Select the Association or Club

Select the Association or Club

6. Select "Switch Organisation"

Select "Switch Organisation"

7. Click on  "Manage My Club"

Click on  "Manage My Club"

8. Click on "Administrators"

Click on "Administrators"

9. Select "Invite an Administrator"

Select "Invite an Administrator"

✅ All fields must be completed with current details. The contact number and email will be used to onboard the user.

10. Complete all fields

    Please enter an up to date First Name, Last Name, Email and Contact Number

Complete all fields

11. Select a role

    To give your administrator the correct access please select the correct role 

Select a role

12. Click on "Send Invite"

Click on "Send Invite"

13. Successful sends will show an alert in the top right-hand corner

Successful sends will show an alert in the top right-hand corner

ℹ️ New users will be listed under the Administrators area and will be in a pending status. These users are required to complete the onboarding process by adding their Working With Children details during their first login