Participants who complete a coach or referee course on the Football Australia Learning Centre, will be provided with a certificate of completion. 

You can find these certificates on your Football Australia Learning Centre account. 


Steps to Completion 

Step 1: Sign in to your Learning Centre Account. 

Step 2: Select ‘Skills Passport’. 

Step 3: Select ‘Actions’ under the desired certificate. 

Step 4: Select ‘Download Certificate’. 


1. Login to the Learning Centre here: Learning Centre Login 

You can either login as a ‘Learner’ via your Football Account or Learning Centre Account. 


2. Once you have logged in, you will reach the Learning Centre home page. 

Your accreditations will be located in the ‘Skills Passport’ tab located on the left-hand-side of your screen. 

Please select ‘Skills Passport’. 


3. Once you are in your ‘Skills Passport’, you will be able to view all your accreditations. 

To download your desired certificate, please select the ‘Actions’ tab located on your certificate under the ‘Licenses’ section. 


4. Please select ‘Download Certificate’. 

Once you have selected this, your certificate will be downloaded to your device. 


If you have any further enquiries, please direct them to the email below.

Learning Centre