This article will outline how to download and interpret each report within the 2024 Beta System. Please keep in mind, Member and Suspension reports are not yet available. 


Step 1. Sign into your Playfootball Admin  


2. Locate ‘Reports’ on the left hand side tab  



3. Select your desired report by clicking the drop-down arrow, a breakdown on which reports showcase which fields can be found here

4. Select the report  



5. Select the organisation (your club)  



6. Select the product you wish to generate the report for, for a whole club overview select ‘All’  



7. Select ‘Preview Report’, this will bring up a short summary of the report within the system. To export the full report, select ‘Export Full Report. The file will default as an excel file.  


8. For Financial Reporting, select ‘Financial Report’ and select, ‘Export Data to CSV’. The file will default as an excel file.