As an admin of the playfootball registration administration system, you can modify registrant photos if required for such reasons such as: a need to rotate or flip the image - as the photo was uploaded in the wrong orientation (ie sideways or upside down), or you may need to crop the image or upload an entirely new image. To do so, please follow the steps below:

1. As a club or governing body admin - Login to the playfootball admin system =>

2. Search for the registrant record you wish to modify via the People menu - click pencil icon next to the record to modify it

3. Within the first tab of CRM \ Click on the "Public Profile" tab

4. Right click on the image and select "Save image as" - select a location on your local PC to save the image \ click Save

5. Click on the blue "Select Profile Image" button and browse to the location that you saved the photo and Open the file

6. You will then be presented with multiple image editing tools including:  Crop, Re-size, Zoom, Flip & Rotate - edit the image as required (as per below example)

7. Once you have been completed all photo edits - you must click SAVE icon to save the changes made