If any of your club members are having any issues with performing a self registration, you can assist them by performing a registration on their behalf

As a playfootball admin - Please follow the below steps to perform a registration on behalf of one your club members and to ensure that your club member retains their original FFA no (without generating a new FFA number for them)

Perform the below steps PRIOR to commencing the Member sign up registration process for that person.

1. In Playfootball admin find YOUR user profile that you are using to log into your football account and click on the pencil icon to edit it

2. CRM tab => Link/Block Accounts => Add  

3. Search for the existing registrant person record that you want to link to your account and perform the registration for via either name, ID or FFA number - Click Add button

4. Go to https://www.playfootball.com.au/register 

5. Login to the football account with YOUR football account details

6. From the list of people under "I am registering a linked person" - select the radio button next to the linked individual you wish to register \ select Club Member

The rest of the registration process is as per the normal registration process

Towards the end of the registration process ensure you tick the box that you will pass on a copy of the Terms and Conditions to the person you are performing the registration for and ensure they have read and agreed to comply with them

You can download a copy of the T&C's to pass onto the registrant by accessing YOUR participant portal and managing one of your linked records

Under Activity \ Registrations \ T&Cs there is a download icon (highlighted in green box below) - you can download the T&C's as a PDF and provide to the registrant via email or print and physically provide the registrant with a paper copy

If the participant that you have registered on behalf of wants to access their participant portal please follow the below steps:

  1. Commence a registration via https://www.playfootball.com.au/register#
  2. Find and select any club to register to and then click “Start My Registration” blue button \ Click “Get Started” blue button
  3. Once the participant is prompted for their football account details, they need to create their football account now - *** IMPORTANT Must use the same email address as the email that was used by you to register them
  4. Complete the verification process by entering the verification code that was sent to the participant's selected email address
  5. Select I am registering "Me" & "link" on the record you want to access the portal for - hit Continue

6. Close the registration process window now

7. Go to https://account.footballnetwork.com.au/ and login with the username and password used to create the new football account

8. Click on Manage my registrations