1.1 Filter improvements on the De-Reg Screen to filter by:

  • Organisation (if Member Fed or Assoc)
  • Status of the De-Registration
  • Date De-Reg was requested
  • FFA ID if you want to find more a single registrant


1.2 The screen itself now includes:

  • FFA ID, not the IAS ID
  • Club Name 
  • Lapse date of 7day timer

De-Reg management screen



1.3 Member Federations and Associations can now see a De-Registration request immediately, previously you had to wait until both the Club and Registrant have confirmed or 7days have lapsed. 


1.4 Member Federations and Associations are now able to ‘reject’ a De-Registration request and push the registrant’s status back to Active. This can be done by selecting the ‘Decline Request’ radio button on the De-Reg modal (accessed by selecting the eyeball)


De-Reg modal – Move registrant back to Active status


Training Video Link



Duplicate Management



1.5 The rate of merges per day has increased from 200/day to 700/day


1.6 The merge process now allows either the new or old FFA ID to be retained. This is important when the latest contact details are needed to be retained but the old FFA ID is required for use in your Comp system, Grading, matchsheets etc.


There are a series of rules applicable to what registrant data either gets retained, removed or merged together between records in a merge.


1.7 The merge page Person Merge Request now includes additional search functionality to identify registrants with multiple profiles (FFA ID, Fname, Sname, Email, Mobile, Address, DOB). Single merges can be processed from this area, including the decision which FFA ID to retain.


Important: The FFA are loading merges into the ‘backend’ of PlayFootball pre-season 20, whilst this process is ongoing the FFA will remove access to this screen, thereafter the functionality will be made available to Member Federations and Associations.



Person Merge Request


1.8 The merge report located at Person Merge List has been updated to provide a richer set of information about the merges either pending or completed.


1.9 When a merge has completed the Person Edit modal will enter in the removed FFA ID (ie the FFA ID that was not selected to be used in the merge)


Person Edit Modal – Merge tab


1.10 Registrants will be informed that a merge has occurred on their account on accessing their Registration Portal for the first time via a popup, thereafter this message will not be shown on repeat visits to the portal