This guide will show you:

  • How to set teams to a Locked status
  • Known areas for future development 

Refer to the Making Teams Official page HERE for information pertaining to the new team status flow and responsibilities for your clubs

Other guides:

  • Making Teams Official HERE
  • Allocation of registrants to a team HERE

Setting the lock status for teams in your jurisdiction

NOTE: The functionality to Lock teams is only available to Associations, it is not available to either Member Federations with clubs linked directly to them in the organisational hierarchy OR organisations set up as Affiliates. See Known areas for future development section at the foot of this page

  1. In the Admin system go to Registration > Team Lock Rules
  2. Tick the Football Type(s) you want to lock
  3. Click Save

On performing this action, all teams set as Official will now move to Locked status

Note that Football Type relates to the Football Type set in the Team Edit screen against a Team, this has no reference to the Football Type the registration has been made against.

Known areas for future development 

  1. Enable Team locking for MFs and Affiliates