Creating New Clubs in PlayFootball - CLUBS

  • To create a NEW Club or Association please speak with your Member Federation. 


Creating New Clubs in Sports TG (STG) – Member Federations

Member Federations – Once you have received a completed NRR02 form from your new club(s) please pass the completed form on to Football Australia. A member of the PlayFootball support team will send a confirmation email once the onboarding process has been completed.


1. PlayFootball to create Club in PlayFootball / Confirmation email which includes the Club's ID will be sent to the requester

2. Send new club ID Or an existing club ID that would be NEW to STG database -- Including Name, Organisation’s ID (entity ID), Hierarchy (National Body > State > Association), Contact information, Address, email >>



3. Confirmation – Please ensure STG have confirmed that your new club has successfully been added to their database. If your new club has NOT been added to STG and registrations are being approved during this time, Participants/Players may not appear on the competition platform.


4. Approval – Once STG has confirmed that your new club has been ADDED, inform your new club. Registrations of Participants/Players will start to sync onto STG. 

Oct, 2020