Quick summary

This article will provide guidance and steps on how administrators can set up new clubs for the national registration system(NRS). New clubs should be onboarded by a Football Australia/Play Football support team member.

Key Notes

  • An NRR02 form is required
  • NRR02 forms will only be accepted from Member Federations (MF)
  • Football Australia/ PlayFootball should be onboarding clubs as internal APIs/Feeds will need to be updated
  • Clubs should only approve registrations once SportsTG(STG)/Game Day has confirmed that the club has been added to the database


Steps to Completion

Step 1: Complete the NRR02 form and submit it to MF for pre-approval

Step 2: MF to submit completed form to PlayFootball 

Step 3: PlayFootball complete onboarding

Step 4: MF to contact Sports TG/Game Day to have a new club added to the database

Step 5: Football Australia/PlayFootball to update API/Feeds with new entity name and ID



First, complete an NRR02 form and submit the completed form to your Member Federation, Member Federations can complete NRR02 forms on behalf of clubs/individual.

Completed forms must be sent to PlayFootball(support@playfootball.com.au). Once the club/entity has been added to the NRS the Member Federation will receive a confirmation email.

A confirmation email will include; Name and ID as it displays on NRS

Member Federations will need to email support@sportstg.com and inform them a new club needs to be added to the database. Its imperative Member Federations also provide the name and ID of the association the club belongs to, please provide the name and ID as it appears on the NRS.

Provide the following details to Sports TG/ Game Day

  • Club name
  • Club ID
  • Association name
  • Association ID

Clubs should only approve registrations once STG/Game Day has confirmed that the club has successfully been added to the database. If registrations are approved prior to this, MFs will need to manually refresh/resync records on PlayFootball.

More information on how to refresh/resync records can be found here


Oct, 2020