Registration Visibility restrictions was placed into the play football administration system in 2020 to help protect the data of participants. The premise of this change was to only provide relevant information about a participant to their old club.

What is a lapsed registration?

A lapsed registration is when the status of the record moved from ACTIVE to LAPSED because the registration period has come to an end.

For example: an ACTIVE 2020 registration will be moved into a lapsed status on 1/1/2021 or when the period end date (set by Associations or Member Federations)  has been reached. 

As a club you may notice that some registrants from last year now have the status 'Lapsed' against the record (in registration management) and when trying to review their information by clicking on the eye icon you may receive an error. This is by design to protect the personal information of participants.


Clubs can still access some of the participant's contact data via the registration management report area.

Registration > Registration management > select the period to 20XX > Select display registration > scroll to the base of the page > Download the report 

Click here for Release notes related to participant data visibility