If you're a club administrator wishing to generate ID cards for your club members, then please follow these steps.

As a club admin, you have two options to generate ID cards. 

Option 1: Through Team Managment, teams must already be generated and players allocated for this function to work. 

Option 2: Through Registration Management (not advised as constrained by filter options available in reg management, but can be used for late registrations). 

Option 1

First, log into your club's Play Football Admin account using the link below. 


Once logging in, click on "TEAMS" and then "Team Management".

Ensure the season is set to your club's current season. Click on the PDF icon on the far right side for the team you want to generate ID cards for.  

If you haven't allocated players to your teams yet, then click here

Fill in the header and then click "Print Cards". This will generate a pdf doc for that specific team.

Option 2

Click on "REGISTRATION" and then "Registration Management".

Select all filters that you wish to use, then click "Display Registrations". 

Click on the 'select all' box or individually select who you wish to have in the ID cards. You can only select participants that are on that specific page i.e. if you select another page, the participants selected from the previous page will be unselected. 

Click on "Please select bulk action..", click on "ID Card" and then "Go". 

Fill in the header and then click "Print Cards", this will generate a pdf doc. 

If you have issues you can either either submit a support ticket using the following link https://support.playfootball.com.au/support/tickets/new or using our contact details below.