This guide will show you:

  • How to allocate Players to a Team via Team Management (single team)
  • How to allocate Players to a Team via Team Management (bulk team)
  • How to allocate Players to a Team via Registration
  • How to allocate Non-Players to a Team
  • Known areas for future development

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Allocation of Players to a Team (via Team Management) - Single Team


  1. In the Admin system go to Teams > Team Management
  2. Against a Team locate the person icon to the right of the screen (Members column)
  3. Apply any required filters to isolate your desired registrant group (see table)
  4. Click the Filter button

Filter NameFilters by:
ClubClub (for governing bodies only)
FootballFootball Type registered against (from the Product)
Registration sub statusSub Status of registrant in process flow (eg Active)
Allocation statusIf a registrant has been allocated to a team already under the same Football Type and Season year
RoleRegistrant's role
GenderRegistrants gender taken from the gender question in the registration process
AgeAge of registrant by the age calculation date for the chosen Reg Period
Registration PeriodRegistration Period where registrations have been made
SchoolThe school identified by the registrant's 'parent' in the registration process
Teams FilterThe Season year, Team Group and Team Name where that registrant may of been allocated to previously

 eg. if I'm allocating an U7s team and want to keep last season's U6s team together I will filter to find that particular U6 team


  1. You should now see registrants under the Available Players section, you can apply further filtering by name as required
  2. Players can be allocated to the Squad list section by clicking the + button next to the player's name
  3. Players can be removed from allocation by selecting the x in Remove column in the Squad listing
  4. When a player has already been allocated to a team for the same Football Type + Season, the Available Players section will show an green tick against the player's name. A player not yet allocated will show as an orange x. 
  5. When a player is allocated in the Squad List section and is not Active, the system shows this by highlighting their name in red and putting an orange x against their name. A green tick denotes that the player is Active. TIP: Registration status is important for use of the Team Lock function

TIP: You will need to click the Save button at the bottom of the screen to update the status mentioned in step 4 and 5

Allocation of Players to a Team (via Team Management) - Bulk Team

This function allows you to:

  • View up to four teams in one screen AND
  • Allocate or move players between these teams

All changes made in this screen will manifest in the single squad allocation screen and visa-versa.

  1. In the Admin system go to Teams > Team Selection
  2. Select the Season year
  3. Select the Team Group eg U6
  4. Select the Teams you want to see eg U6a, U6b, U6c and U6d
  5. Apply the registrant filters as discussed above
  6. Drag registrants into your selected team (you can move one than one player if you hold Ctrl on your keyboard and tick each player with your mouse/pad)
  7. Players can also be moved within teams

The page refreshes the indicators (allocation status and registration status) automatically

You don't need to save the page, all changes are saved 

Allocation of Players to a Team (via Registration)

When configured, a registrant can opt to allocate themselves to a team via the registration process.

This is configured in the Sign Up form and calls on the Team structure setup for the new season. Before configuring this it is recommended to setup your team structure for the new season.

  1. In the Admin system go to Registration > Sign up form management
  2. Select your desired Sign Up form (the one you intend to link to your Products)
  3. Navigate to the Team Select Settings section (towards the bottom of the page)
  4. Tick the Enable Teams Selection on signup forms box
  5. Select the season year
  6. Select the Team Groups you want your registrants to allocate into (note: if this is a junior sign up form then only junior groups should be selected here)
  7. Select Save

Registrants can now allocate themselves to a Team via the registration process

Allocation of Non-Players to a Team (via Team Management)

  1. In the squad allocation page select the Non-Player Roles dropdown
  2. Select one or more registrants
  3. Click the Allocate button
  4. Save the team allocation

Known areas for development

  1. Improve the Roles dropdown to align directly to the primary registration roles
  2. Make the visual status updates occur in real-time without the need to click Save to refresh them