Quick summary

This article outlines the lapsed status and how this feature impacts a participants record both in the administrator portal and the participant portal. The 'lapsed' feature was implemented in July 2020 and was introduced to align with Football Australia's privacy policy.

Clubs can only see 'Active' participants records for the current registration period

 Quick notes

  • Current clubs can see current participant records
  • Once a season reaches its 'To' date a record becomes restricted
  • Restricted records hide the majority of the participant's data
  • Data becomes available to the next entity the participant holds an 'Active' registration with 
  • Lapsed dates are dictated by the 'From' and 'To' dates of a registration period 
  • More details related to registration types can be found here

Lapsed dates

The lapsed date is driven from the 'To' and 'From' date of either a registration period (202X) or a set of registration type dates that are linked to the registration type. 

The 'To' date once reached will mark a registration record as 'Lapsed', this cannot be reverted back to 'Active'. At the point of registration, if the 'To' date is set once met the record will move to the 'History'. For example. if the 30th Novis set, at the 30th Nov this registration will move from 'Current' to 'History'. However,  if this record needs to remain 'Active' the 'To' date can be extended to keep this record in an 'Active' state. It is important to note that at the point of the registration the 'To' date was set and the system will still push the record to the 'history' area of a record, this record may remain as 'Active' but appear in the 'History'


  • 'To' dates should be set correctly prior to any registrations being placed
  • 'To' dates can be extended to keep records 'Active' before the date is met
  • The initial 'To' date will be the benchmark date for moving a record from 'Current' to 'Active'
  • 'Active' records can be 'Active' and sit in the 'History' area