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Sign up forms provide organisations with the ability to receive payments and process registrations online. 

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FFA has provided signup Form Templates, simply create registration forms that will cover the age range of the participants at your club.

Clubs should create junior signup forms for their junior participants using FFA Junior form Template.

Clubs should create senior signup forms for their senior participants using FFA senior form Template.



1.Select Registration Form


 FFA will have a set of templates (senior & junior) that Organisations will be able to select as a base. The difference in forms will reflect the different information participants require as junior or seniors. i.e. Junior forms will capture more information compared to a senior player’s sign-up form

2. General Settings


  •  The general settings will have locked fields which will be set in the template created by FFA.


  •  Organisations are to add the pre-created disclaimer in this section

General Settings
Form Type
The form type determines some overall purpose of the    form. Different types will be available for different organisations and each    type may have different behaviour: Standard    Registration Form: Used for registering a member to an    organisation or event.
This displays at the top of the Sign-up form.
Welcome Message
Text entered here will display at the top on the    Welcome Page. Click on Edit to open the HTML editor that can be used to add    style to the text.
Confirmation Message
The Text entered here    will display at the end of the registration process. Click on Edit to open the HTML editor that can be used to add style to    the text.
ACTIVE - the form is publicly available and may be accessed via the Public  Access URLs or via the club finder in the public portal.
INACTIVE - the form is not publicly available and can only be previewed with the provided links.

TEST    MODES -   the form is only available by clicking the Public Access URLs.

When in    test mode, the public form displays a red label indicating that it is in test    mode. Forms that are being set up should be set to test mode and only    switched to ACTIVE when they have been finalised.

Anyone    trying to access a form when in TEST MODE, without the correct access URL,    will be denied access.

TEST    MODE ACCESS, TEST MODE GATEWAY - When both the form and payment gateway are set to test mode (if the gateway supports it) then transactions made    through the form will establish a connection to your gateway but no funds will be processed. All gateways have different ways of operating under test    mode. Contact    support for    more information.

TEST    MODE ACCESS, PROD MODE GATEWAY - When the form is in test mode and the    payment gateway is set to production mode, a real card must be supplied for    live gateway testing.


If    the SIMULATED gateway is selected(see below) funds are never processed    regardless of the TEST MODE selected above.



Governing bodies may have a predefined disclaimer    that must be used. Some organisations will be able to create their own    disclaimers. A disclaimer will contain the terms of use for your sign-up form    and must be agreed to before the sign-up process can be completed.
Contact Name
Enter the name of the person or organisation that    should be contacted with any queries relating to this form.  Also, any    confirmation emails sent to customers are sent from this name.
Contact Email
Enter the email address that queries will be sent    to. Also, any confirmation emails sent to customers are sent from this    address, and their replies will come back to this address.

3.Payment  Settings

Payment setting are to be set in this section of the Signup  form, Organisations will need to decide if they are accepting offline payments for  the upcoming season in this section. Selecting 'Allow Offline Payment" will allow participants to settle their payments offline.


NOTE: IP Payment System will be the Payment gateway providers for the 2019  season. If your Organisation requires access, please speak with your Member  Federation directly.

4.Form Fields

 FFA’s template will have Locked fields that cannot be removed by Organisations, additional fields can be added and made mandatory by organisations

Additional questions clubs would like to ask to specific Participants will be included in on the Signup Form. The Additional questions will need to be created in 'Custom Field Management'.

 Menu:People > Custom Person Lists > Custom Fields Management > Add new Custom Field

5.Optional Products (Additional Products)

Optional products allow organisations to offer optional products to their registrants


  •  Products need to be added prior to creating the signup form – create products      


Menu: Registration>product management > Add Other Product


  •  Optional product examples: shorts, socks, hats or events etc.

6.Form Links