This guide will show you:

  • How to set up team Groups e.g. U6
  • How to set up individual teams e.g. U6a
  • Update your competition season
  • The mapping of teams related fields from MyFootballClub to PlayFootball

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First, log into your club's Play Football Admin account using the link below.

Once logging in, click on "TEAMS" and then "Team Groups".

Click on "Add Team Group". 

Add the name of your group e.g. U6, tick the 'Status' box to make the group active, enter a numerical number in 'Sort Order', this is the order you want to see the groups on the summary screen e.g. U6 sort order = 1, U7 sort order = 2, U8 sort order = 3, etc. Once you have done that, click "Save".

Your group is now created and can be viewed in Team Management. 

Now click on "Team Management". 


Click on "+ Add New Team".

Enter in the team name e.g. U6a, select the 'Group' the team sits under e.g. if you had a group - U6 created, it would be selected here. The 'Team Code' is automatically generated, you are welcome to change it, but it has no impact in the system. 

Enter the 'Team Number' and ensure the status of the team is set to 'Active'. Fill any other details you may require, then click "Save". 

Update your season year

To update your season year in the TEAMS section please follow these steps.

Click on "COMPETITIONS" and then "Season Management".

Click on the year for 'Set to new season', set it to the current registration year and then click "Update".  

Mapping team information: MyFootballClub to PlayFootball

If you have issues you can either either submit a support ticket using the following link or using our contact details below.